I'm an Athlete: How Can Sports Medicine Help Me?

I'm an Athlete: How Can Sports Medicine Help Me?

Whether you’re a professional athlete, star basketball player, or weekend warrior, sports medicine can benefit your game and your health. Sports medicine doctors specialize in treating sports-related injuries, in preventing injury, and in enhancing sports performance.

They receive special training in all areas of medicine that revolves around sports, movement, and activities. For example, orthopedic surgeon Douglas J. Abeles, MD, a sports medicine specialist, completed fellowships at Georgetown University-Virginia Sports Medicine Institute as well as the University of Southern California-Rancho Los Amigos. 

Our sports medicine team at Douglas J. Abeles & Associates includes Dr. Abeles, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and a physical therapist. Here’s how our team of specialists can help you. 

Why should athletes see a sports medicine specialist?

Playing sports at a professional level, amateur level, or youth level is good for your mind and body. But playing sports also puts you at risk of sports-related injuries. Sports-related injuries are common, with about 8.6 million occurring every year. 

For professional athletes, an injury can sideline them and affect their careers. For all other athletes, an injury can prevent them from playing a sport that they love and that helps keep them in shape. A sports medicine specialist is specially trained to treat such injuries.

A sports medicine specialist and their team can also help you prevent reinjuring yourself. Someone who sustains an ACL injury, for example, has a 20% chance of reinjuring their knee

With the help of a sports medicine team and a personalized rehabilitation plan, you can reduce this risk. And we can help you improve your performance with nutrition, training, and exercise advice. 

Should I see a sports medicine specialist if I’m not hurt?

The simple answer is yes. You could benefit from a sports medicine specialist’s expertise even if you’re not hurt. If you’re thinking about starting a new sport, for example, a sports medicine doctor can determine if you’re in good physical shape and offer advice on training and injury prevention.

A sports medicine specialist can help you focus on injury prevention, a crucial part of any sport, and maximizing performance. Additionally, services such as chiropractic care and acupuncture offered as part of our sports medicine group can help you rejuvenate and rehabilitate.  

Are you ready to improve your game and reduce your risk of injury? Call us at the private practice of Douglas J. Abeles MD & Associates in Castro Valley, California, to make an appointment.

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